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Pollenca has some of the best properties along its vast beachline

Polenca is famous in Mallorca for its waterfront views and the beautiful beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. The road running along the beach has some of the most beautiful villas and houses by the side walk. This is a popular pine walk as it is lined by towering pine trees which gives it a sheltered boulevard look. The blue waters along with the green pine trees gives this island a colourful backdrop and makes living here a pleasure. It is a great palce to relax with the family on a holiday. There are plenty of water sports available for the more adventurous and a walk along the beach will take you to the market place with shops and restaurants, where you can have a leisurly stroll enjoying the culture and local atmosphere.

Pollenca has a large number of expatriates who reside here as the climate and place is conducive for healthy living. All along the Pine Walk by the sea are exclusive villas and apartments with a spectacular view of the sea. These are at premium rates due to the beauty of the location and can cost any where between 600,000 euros and millions.

Further away the price will be much lesser as the view may not be as exclusive. The properties which are slightly away from the beach front can cost nearly half as much as the ones on the Pine Walk and are equally good since they are still just a few minutes away from the sea. You can find town houses, apartments and villas that would suit your budget since there are a lot of new developments in and around these areas. Pollenca properties for sale is in demand due the tourists present almost all through the year. Most of them prefer settling here due to the favorable weather conditions and the amazing settings on the island itself. Investing in Pollenca real estate is a gold mine as the rates are on the rise and the demand is constant through the year.

Many British nationals buy property in Pollenca as the rates are reasonable when compared to other parts of Europe. Buying property in Pollenca is uncomplicated and the procedure is the same as in the United Kingdom. Anyone can buy property without fear of the legalities.

Properties near the golf course also fetch a good price and are in demand. If you are planning on investment you could even look at renting your house that can fetch you good returns on your investment. You can look for a property that would suit your requirement among the various choices that are available in Pollenca. You could even find beautiful farmhouses set in scenic surroundings if you are looking for some relaxation and peace. The new developments come with a lot of amenities and added advantages and buying a new property can be good if you are an investor as the rates usually are more for a ready house or apartment.

The apartments also come with all the latest gadgets so that the buyer would just have to shift in without the worry of buying the essentials. With so much to offer, Pollenca real estate is worth considering for that beautiful holiday home or purely for investment. Polenca real estate can realize your exclusive holiday and an enticing investment.

There are different types of Majorca property, including apartments, old farmhouses, townhouses and villas. It is up to you to decide which of these Majorca properties that best suits your needs and your budget. Then you can start purchasing your dream property!

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