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It is Easier DONE than SAID

I feel Blessed that I am in a position to affect thousands of people and help them see and reclaim their own power. Once, people realize that the power and courage lie within, then life, relationships and business become a whole lot more effective and you will start to notice that "Its Easier Done Than Said". Now remember Easy does not mean Lazy, you must be bold and go for those things in life that are important to you and your family, but it does not have to be a struggle. The best way to accelerate your process is to get around other like minded successful people that you have an affinity for and listen to everything that they say about becoming successful and do what they do. Success definitely leaves clues and the reason Charlie my husband and I work so very well together is because we learned from other successful partnerships and created our own style of purpose, clarity, and communication that has not only cultivated our partnership, but accelerated the growth of our businesses. Healthy companionships are not dependent upon one another for approval, or for survival.

True companions do not seek for their partner to take away, or cover up, an emptiness felt within them. Instead, they seek to complete themselves, individually, so that each may bring more value to their union. In this sense, a true companionship is not a 50/50 dynamic. It is a 100/100 dynamic. Unfortunately, most relationships follow a model in which the two energies depend upon one another, or in which one of the energies must always be bigger than the other one in order for the relationship to work.

In such relationships, dynamics like these tend to appear: He or she: doesn't support me, doesn't give me love and attention, is negative, doesn't take care of himself or herself, constantly criticizes, judges, and belittles me. How can such dynamics be transformed? Each partner must commit to confronting and deeply considering his or her own internal issues. Each must search within for the presence of a hidden agenda ? a desire to keep the Ego placated by refusing to challenge oneself to grow.

For example, the hidden agendas within the above complaints may be the following: I am not inspired and willing enough to move forward, so I use the lack of support of my companion as a convenient excuse for remaining stuck. I don't have sufficient love and acceptance toward myself, so I want my companion to be the one who supplies it. I am not positive, proactive, and anchored enough, so my companion's lack of positive attributes reminds me of my own shortcomings.

I ignore my own soul's desires and requirements, and therefore my companion pushes a hot button inside me by reminding me of what I have repressed. Although it may seem to be difficult to bring hidden agendas to light, it is a necessary step toward reaching the state of a powerful partnership. Know, then, that the difficulty of facing such issues and making constructive changes is repaid by attaining a life of growth and satisfaction in true companionship.

For example, whenever they set their eyes on accomplishing the same goals or reaching the same vision, two people in a true companionship will feel the power and focus of their relationship increase. They will be like two horses pulling together, far more powerful than either of them could be if pulling alone. Now picture two birds, each with one of its wings tied to a wing of the other.

This is the image of a relationship based on dependency. The birds are united, but neither can fly. Each gives up individual power for the sake of the relationship, and neither will thrive, because their linkage does not create a third energy, the energy of true companionship.

Be Brave, Your friend along the way - Ellie Drake.

Dr. Ellie Drake Savvy businesswoman, doctor, in-demand motivational speaker,mother and an inspiration to men and women around the globe. She maintains a demanding schedule of personal appearances as well as a series of web sites, each offering insights and products designed to help individuals achieve their personal best Ellie Drake is down to earth and funny! Visit Free Book For You

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