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Is Network Marketing Right for Me

With the Internet being such a large part of our everyday life today, it is only natural that many people are also seeing it as a way to earn money at home. And quite rightly so, because our easy accessibility to Information on the Internet means that people are now finding it easier to do business online and making a living from it, compared to your traditional 8am - 5pm job. Although some people are operating a regular job on the Internet such as distribution of products and secretarial services, the majority of Internet home based businesses focuses around network marketing. It is, by far, the most popular home based business on the Internet, as well as the easiest with the lowest initial investment. It is easy to setup and easy to manage, so long as you are prepared to learn the principles of Marketing Online.

And be prepared to sacrifice and commit some time and money as part of your overall plan of action. For those who are looking for a home based business that allows you the freedom to work at home, but for which there is no investment, you will have to be careful with network marketing. Some of the networks that are already established have a minimum sales quota that you must meet in order to receive any compensation from the sales of those in your downline. This is contrary to some of the network marketing organizing with which we are familiar in our neighborhoods, where the bonuses are paid solely on the work of your network as an entirety rather than whether you buy anything or not. For example, if the terms of the parent company state that distributors will be paid three per-cent for sales over $100, it doesn't matter if you bought anything that month as long as your organization did at least $100 in sales. This is not, however, the case with all network marketing organizations.

Do not be misled by those who tell you that you dont have to do much work, that the business will sell itself. That may be true at some future date, which is the residual income aspect of network marketing. In order to reach the level in your business that it makes money for you in your absence, you have to do a lot of hard work setting it up, and most certainly a lot of learning and maybe frustrations along the way. Even if your organization places your downline for you, you will need to work with those people by training, supporting, and educating them in the way the business works.

In fact, you are more of a mentor to your downline than in any other business you may start. As an individual business owner, you will be responsible for paying your taxes and keeping track or any items that are tax deductible. There is no employer above you to provide that information for you, and the parent company is not even obligated to provide, for example a 1099 form, unless you reach a high enough level that the business are coming directly from the corporation. Therefore, you need to establish an accounting system for your business before you begin to do anything else.

A home based network marketing business is most assuredly capable of making you a success, but it will not happen without an enormous amount of hard work and some investments in your business.

Tom Taito operates Artitcle Marketing website here: and Work-at-Home-Directory website here: plus several others.

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