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Copying A DVD Movie To The Laptop Or Desktop While You Are Running Windows XP

It is easy to copy DVDs. What is more, thanks to special DVD burning software, now you can copy even system files to DVD. For many people it is still not clear how you can achieve this under Windows XP. If you are among them, here are some tips, which will help you. The first step is to put the DVD into the DVD drive. If you don�t have a DVD drive but only a CD drive, you are out of luck.

Next, use the familiar Windows copy+paste command and copy all the files from the DVD to your computer. Copying all files is a long procedure because there are many files to be copied. In fact, some of the smallest files are supporting files, so only the bigger ones contain a movie. After you have copied the contents of the DVD onto your hard drive, you need a DVD ripper program.

DVD ripper programs can convert formats such as VCD to DVD, rlv to mp3, mp4, VLC, etc. DVD rippers can be free and paid but even the paid programs often offer a free trial version, which you can use for some time and see if it works for you. Before you copy the DVD to a hard disk, you need to check if there is enough free space on the hard disk.

A standard DVD is 8GB, so you need at least 10GB free hard disk space for it. The extra free space is a requirement of the operating system because it creates a buffer there. It is very important that before you start copying, you close all other programs. The reason is that if you run any programs, while copying the files from the DVD to the hard disk, the data might not be copied correctly. Now a day�s rewritable DVDs are also available, which can be written and erased several hundred times. We can use these rewriteable DVDs to record data that needs to be re-written more than once, such as updates of official records.

If you have adequate knowledge of how to copy DVDs, you will realize there is no difference in recording the two, except that the re-writeable version tends to be a bit slower. Windows XP allows not only to copy DVDs to hard disk. Under Windows XP you can also copy a hard disk to a DVD. You would like to do this when you need a backup of your hard disk.

Since hard disks are not eternal because they get damaged or a virus wipes their contents, backups are vital. So, it is great to backup your important files to a DVD. Burning to DVD is done with the help of a DVD burning program. For instance, Nero or Roxio are good Windows DVD burning programs. As a rule, DVD burning programs are user friendly and sometimes you need just a few clicks to copy from your hard drive to a DVD or the other way round. brings some of the most informative information online for users looking to copy encrypted DVDs, thanks to writers like Isaiah Henry. Visit us for more details on DVD copy and dvd rippers. Post comments on our dvd ripper blog.

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