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Chicago Real Estate Offers Something for Every Taste and Budget

Do you want to buy Chicago real estate? You can find something for every family and individual in this diverse real estate market. There are lots of options for real estate in and around the city of Chicago. There are old established neighborhoods and historical districts, and newly revitalized real estate markets with new townhouses and condominiums.

The North Central area of Chicago real estate includes Old Town with city condos, townhouses and 3 story single family houses, Wicker Park (the Ukranian Village) with new and old multi-story homes, and some lovely old historic houses, and Ravenswood with its large single family houses, with 4-6 bedrooms. Most of these are multi-story homes and some are brand new construction. The Near South Chicago real estate market has Hyde Park with large townhouses, co-ops, condos and single family houses along its broad boulevard, Little Village which features condos and duplexes, and some single family homes and raw land, Bridgeport, with townhouses, condos, single family homes, and a few duplexes, and Back-of-the-Yards where you can find 2 or 3 story single family houses in established neighborhoods, and even a duplex here or there, as well as raw land for construction.

South Chicago real estate includes Gresham with two to four bedroom single family houses, Hamilton Park which features many brand new duplexes, and raw land for construction, Marquette Park with its duplexes, older houses and two to four bedroom single family houses, and of course Calumet Heights where there are some duplexes, some small starter single family houses and raw land for construction. The North West Chicago real estate market features Portage Park with its duplexes, and single family houses and two story older brick houses, Austin where you can find single family houses and townhouses, Old Norwood with lots of new construction and older homes built in an English style, and Belmont Heights where you can buy raw land for construction, or a single family home in an old neighborhood. The Chicago real estate market is diverse, and there is something for everyone there. From old, established family-friendly neighborhoods to fine historic districts. New neighborhoods and neighborhoods that are newly revitalized feature condominiums, and townhouses. And there is plenty of new raw land on the market for construction if you want to build your own home.

The old duplex construction that was so popular in Chicago real estate is still in existence, and single family, 2 and 3 story houses abound! Chicago real estate is an eclectic mix of family neighborhoods, singles neighborhoods, older communities and high-income housing. No matter your preferences or lifestyle, no matter your budget, the Chicago real estate market has something for you!.

Do you want to buy real estate in or around the city of Chicago? Find out everything you need to know about Chicago real estate by visiting our web site: Chicago Real Estate

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