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The purchasing of Anabolic steroids varies on both status and classification depending on the state of country that you reside in. In certain countries you can just walk into a pharmacy but for the majority like the US, steroids are controlled by the state and are only obtained through a doctor's prescription and even that is becoming more difficult. Getting access to Anabolic steroids is a dodgy business almost everywhere nowadays. You can though find them on the internet being supplied by those countries who do allow the commercialisation of steroids.

They will gladly send you the order by post and even pay shipping costs, but and there is always a but with steroids, you are still breaking the law by receiving them and could end up going to prison. Obviously if you are thinking of buying a bit of gear then you should find out exactly how the land lies in the country where you live with respect to the commercialisation of anabolic steroids. You may be interested to know that they can be bought over the counter and without a prescription in Mexico, but the most effective way of course is on/line, as you can have them delivered to your home within a week. I hope I do not begin to sound boring but I must remind you again that if you do get caught receiving steroids, then you will more than likely do time. So the overlying question is then, is it worth the risk getting steroids? Well let's ask international sportsmen and they would say that it is worth the risk as steroids makes the real difference in their performance and that anything that can be bought over the counter is just no comparrison. When it comes to purchasing anabolic steroids over the internet, you always need to do a bit of investigative work just to see if it is a kosher site.

Many bodybuilding sites have forums which you can join and then ask the members about any particular site you may have seen. You can also try out the new social bookmarking sites like dig it where people may have already left comments about that site. As a final security measure you could google the site and see what comes up.

you might be surprised. You will probably spend quite a long time having to look for some good sites, so go ahead and head over to my favourite site at and you will no doubt thank me. You will not waste any time here and will find so many other people like yourself who need correct advice not only about buying steroids, but also about using them safely.

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