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Assessing The Personality Profile of Your Home Business Prospects

Did you know there are distinct personality profiles that people have? This, of course, also includes the prospects for your network marketing home-based business. The fact is, as you continue to build your business, it will be critical to understand the different personalities your prospects have. Understanding their profiles can not only have a huge positive impact on your business, but also your life. Now, on to the four basic personality profiles.

Yellow-The Nurturers Making up 35% of the population, yellows are involved in occupations such as nursing, teaching, social work, etc. When they give, they give with their whole heart. Usually, they don't have much time for themselves because they are so busy giving to others.

Yellows have built very large organizations in network marketing when they have the confidence and belief in themselves that they can! Working with Yellows An important thing to remember is that yellows hate being sold to. They can't stand pushy, aggressive salespeople! When you are talking with a yellow, become a nurturer like they are. Slow down and don't be overexcited.

If yellows see a lot of hype, they think they are receiving a sales pitch. Whatever you do, don't tell a yellow about earning thousands of dollars a month because this will turn them off. Instead, just spend time visiting with them. Don't worry about presenting the business. Instead, talk about their families, their kids, and vacations.

Yellows will let you know when they are ready to talk shop! Blues-The Fun Loving There is only one name for a blue: fun! They like fun and loads of it. Blues make up 15% of the population. They are highly creative people, and usually are involved in a sales business of some kind. They also have a tendency to jump from program to program. When presenting your business to a blue, they usually can grasp the overall picture very quickly and don't need tons of details. Working with Blues When working with a blue, be excited! Talk about all the fun stuff: sailing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, etc.

You get the picture. Blues don't mind talking about their family, vacations, and the like. They just love talking about the fun more. So rev up the fun thermometer when talking with a blue prospect for your network marketing home business! Greens-The Analyzers Greens are analyzers and make up 35% of the population. They are the types of folks that let business opportunities worth thousands of dollars go by because they analyze things to death. Working with Greens Greens think they are the most intelligent people around.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to easily tell if you have a green prospect. Why? Because they will want to know everything! Forget about selling to a green. They have to sell themselves on the home-based business opportunity.

Greens will need to check everything out with a fine tooth comb. This includes the website and all the links in it, testimonials, conference calls, articles, etc. As you can see, you will need to be on your toes and have detailed information ready when working with a green.

Another thing to remember about greens is to speak very clearly, be upfront, answer all their questions, and send them to websites. You do not need to call greens between phone calls. If you do, they likely will be abrupt and see you as pushy salesperson.

Greens need to go at their own pace. What usually happens is that in few weeks, they will call you for more information and to inform you they are ready to start. Reds-The High Achievers Reds are money motivated and money focused people. They make up only 15% of the population. Don't even try to talk to a red about their families, vacations, and other personal issues. They just are not interested in talking about them.

Working with Reds Reds are focused on the money. They are totally focused on sales and are the corporate CEO types, let's "get the job done now" people. Of course, everyone wants reds in their organizations! However, its important to keep in mind that reds are not the mentoring and coaching types. Their egos are huge and they order people around. Reds want to do things their way. This type of attitude works well in the CEO world, but not well at all in the network marketing home business world! So, there you have it.

The four types of personalities that you will encounter when you get prospects for your home business. Interact with them based on their profiles, and you likely will see a huge difference in your sign-ups as well as in the activity of your downline.

Monique's Hawkins enjoys sharing information with business owners that will help them attain success. For exciting information about how to receive a free list building report and to get your own free Franchise visit

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